2016 Random Tournament

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version française

The first Random Tournament has been organized by the Argenteuil V.S.C. 95 on 4 June 2016 on the Auguste Delaune stadium, Ile-de-France.

Four teams were made among the players of three clubs (Argenteuil V.S.C. 95, Paris C.O. & Parisis A.C. 95):

The goald of this tournament was to mix all players in order to share know-hows and experiences between players of a team.


In each tournament, a victory gave 3 points, a tie 2 points, a defeat 1 point and a forfeith 0 point.
If, after all matches, two teams had the same number of points, the decision between both teams would have followed the conditions below (in order of priority)



Final rank of the 2016 Random Tournament

1) Le Grand Bleu (8 points, +3)

2) Allez les Verts ! (8 points, +2)

3) Mayo Yaune (4 points, defeat 3-2 against Le Grand Bleu)

4) Oranges pressées (4 points, defeat 2-0 against Le Grand Bleu)

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