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Sites are from: Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Netherland, Switzerland, United Kingdom of Great Britain,United States of America and other international sites.


Fédération Française de Cyclisme (F.F.C.)


Angers Fixed - Loire country


Association Sportive et Culturelle de Pessac Alouette (A.S.C.P.A.) - Gascony


Bike Polo Besançon - Franche Comte


Bike Polo Bordeaux - Gascony


Bike Polo Caen - Normandy

Blog du polo-vélo urbain à Caen.


Broken Legs - Normandy


Claude Beja - Ile-de-France and


Comité d'Île-de-France de la F.F.C. - Ile-de-France


Cyclotron - Ile-de-France


Dans ta gueule, puceau ! - Ile-de-France


Entente Sportive Gervaisienne & Lilasienne (E.S.G.L.) - Ile-de-France

E.S.G.L. - Entente Sportive Gervaisienne & Lilasienne


Fixed Gear Rennes - Brittany


Grenoble Bike Polo - Rhone-Alps


Guidoline (Rouen Bike Polo) - Normandy


Laurent Pupunat - Burgondy


Ligue bike polo 2009 Paris - Ile-de-France


Lille Bike Polo - Nord-Pas-de-Calais


Lopo Lyon - Rhône-Alps or


Nantes Bike Polo - Loire Country


MGM Lions - Ile-de-France


Panam Bike Polo - Ile-de-France


Paris Bike Polo - Ile-de-France

Club de polo-vélo urbain sur Paris.


Paris Brakeless - Ile-de-France




Rock'n'Rollin' Fixie Riders Club Paris - Ile-de-France


les Rois Mages - Ile-de-France and Normandy


Saint-Etienne Fixed Gear - Rhone-Alps


les Sangliers Sauvages - Languedoc-Roussillon or


the Saucy Lobstarz - Ile-de-France


Sporting Club de Paris (S.C.P.) - Ile-de-France


Strasbourg Bike Polo (S.B.P.) - Alsace


Toulouse Bike Polo - Midi-Pyrénées &


Vélo-Club de Frileuse et de Sanvic (V.C.F.S.) - Normandy



Bicycle Tasmania - Tasmanie


Canberra Bicycle Museum - Territory of the Capital of Australia



Melbourne Bike Polo Club (M.B.P.C.) - Victoria


Sydney Bike Polo League (S.B.P.L.) - New South Walles


the Urbanbicyclist Project - Victoria



Fixed Gear Ketjes



Canadian Coalition of Cycle Polo (C.C.C.P.)

C.C.C.P. - Canadian Coalition of Cycle Polo


Calgary and Edmonton Bike Polo (C.E.B.P.) - Alberta


Calgary Hardcourt Bike Polo (C.H.B.P.) - Alberta


East Van Bike Polo (E.V.B.P.) - Colombie Britannique


Hardcourt Bike Polo aka "The Paper Plate"


Le Jackal


Jericho Cycle Polo Association (J.C.P.A.) - Colombie Britannique


Manting - Ontario


Midnight Simon - British Colombia

Ottawa Bike Polo (O.B.P.) - Ontario



Berliner Bike Polo (B.B.P.) - Berlin &


Bike Polo Karlsruhe (B.P.K.) - Bade-Würtemberg


Bike Polo München (B.P.M.) - Bayern


Hamburger Polo Club (H.P.C.) - Hamburg


Hannover Bike Polo (H.B.P.) - Niedersachsen


Poloholica - Bayern


Urban Cycle Polo (U.B.P.) - Berlin



Bike Polo Budapest (B.P.B.)



Cycle Polo Federation of India (C.P.F.I.)



Bicycle Polo Association of Ireland (B.P.A.I.)



Cento Canesio


Milano Fixed


Riding in Circle Polo Team (R.C.P.T.)


Roma Bike Polo (R.B.P.)


Torino Bike Polo (T.B.P.)



Fakengers Using Courier Creditz In Traffic - Bike Polo Club Arnhem (FUCCIT)



Association Roue Libre


European Bike Polo Showdown



Fahrrad Kurier



Geneva Polo League




United Kingdom

British Cycling (B.C.)

La fédération britannique de cyclisme s'intéresse au polo-vélo et en parle sur son site.


Johnstone Wheelers Cycling Club (J.W.C.C.) - Scotland


London Bike Polo (L.B.P.) - England


London Fixed-gear & Single-speed - England


M.C.R. Dropouts (M.C.R.O.) - England


Oakenden Bike Polo (O.B.P.) - England



Oxford Supernova Society (O.S.S.) - England


Pimp my mallet - England &


Stirling Bike Club (S.B.C.) - Scotland


United States of America

Ann Arbor Bike Polo (A.A.B.P.) - Michigan


Asheville Bike Polo (A.B.P.) - North Carolina


Axles of Evil - Oregon

Axles of Evil

the Ball Grabbers - Pennsylvania


Baltimore Bike Polo (B.B.P.) - Maryland


Bay Area Bike Polo (B.A.B.P.) - Florida


Bicycle Polo Association of America (B.P.A.A.) - South Carolina

B.P.A.A. - Bicycle Polo Association of America


Bike Polo - Arizona


Bike Polo Guru - Washington


Bike Polo Pittsburgh (B.P.P.) - Pennsylvania

Bike Polo Rochester (B.P.R.) - New York


Boise Bike Polo (B.B.P.) - Idaho


Boston Bike Polo (B.B.P.) - Massachusetts &


Boulder Bike Polo (B.B.P.) - Colorado


Bozeman Bike Polo (B.B.P.) - Montana


Brewcity Polo (B.P.) - Wisconsin


Chicago Bike Polo (C.B.P.) - Illinois &


Chico Gino - California


Cody is a dog's name - Wisconsin


Columbia Mo Bike Polo (CoMo Polo) - Missouri


Columbus Bike Polo (C.B.P.) - Ohio


Corey - New York


Corvallis Bike Polo (C.B.P.) - Oregon


Dallas Bike Polo (D.B.P.) - Texas


David Talalayevsky's bike polo pictures site - California


Dayton Ohio Bike Polo (D.O.B.P.) - Ohio


D.C. Bike Polo (D.C.B.P.) - Washington D.C. &


Dirty South Bike Polo (D.S.B.P.) - Louisiana


Dumptruck - Illinois


East Bay Summer Series - California


Eugene Bike Polo (E.B.P.) - Oregon


Fiona "Fixiebelle" - New York


Hardcourt Bike Polo - New York


Haus! - Connecticut


Huntsville Bike Polo (H.B.P.) - Alabama

Hüsker Drëw - Missouri


Inland Empire Bike Polo Club (I.E.B.P.C.) - California


Joe the lefty from Chicago - Illinois


Jonny awesome hunter - Wisconsin

Kaycie! - Virginie


Kevlar - Pennsylvanie


Legit Bike Polo - Massachusetts


Lexington Bike Polo (L.B.P.) - Kentucky &

Los Angeles Bike Polo (L.A.B.P.) - California


Mad Bike Polo (M.B.P.) - Wisconsin &


Los Marcos Polos (L.M.P.) - New York


Max - Pennsylvania


Micro... Polo (M.P.) - Washington


Milwaukee Bike Polo (M.B.P.) - Wisconsin


MtBiking Viking - Arizona


Mount Washington Bicycle Polo Association (M.W.B.P.A.) - Maryland


New Haven Bike Polo (N.H.B.P.) - Connecticut


Newport News Bike Polo (N.N.B.P.) - Virginia



New York City Bike Polo (N.Y.C.B.P.) - New York + +


Nick TV - Virginia



Orlando Bike Polo (O.B.P.) - Florida



Pedal Republik of Cleveland (P.R.C.) - Ohio



Pensacola Bike Polo (P.B.P.) - Florida


Philly Bike Polo (P.B.P.) - Pennsylvania


Phoenix Bike Polo (P.B.P.) - Arizona


Pink Leader aka "Joe" - Wisconsin


the Ringer - Oregon


Rudy's Fabulous Home Page - Minnesota


R.V.A. Bike Polo (R.V.A.B.P.) - Virginia


Sacto Bike Polo (S.B.P.) - California


Saint-Cloud Bike Polo (S.C.B.P.) - Minnesota


Saint-Louis Bike Polo (S.L.B.P.) - Missouri &


San Francisco Bay Area Bike Polo (S.F.B.A.B.P.) - California


San Francisco Bicycle Polo Club (S.F.B.P.C.) - California


San Francisco Hard Top Bike Polo (S.F.H.T.B.P.) - California


Sasha Lamoix - Oregon


Sci Feih - Wisconsin


Seattle Bike Polo (S.B.P.) - Washington &


South Jersey Bike Polo (S.J.B.P.) - New Jersey


Steve Z - Colorado


Tallahassee Bike Polo (T.B.P.) - Floride


Tim Z - Pennsylvanie


Tink Dave - Virginie


Tucker Destructor - Illinois


Tucson Desert Doggs (T.D.D.) - Arizona


Turlock Bike Polo (T.B.P.) - California


United States Bicycle Polo Association (U.S.B.P.A.) - California

U.S.B.P.A. - United States Bicycle Polo Association


international sites

 European Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship 2009


European Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship 2010 Geneva



the League of Bike Polo

Union Cycliste Internationale (U.C.I.) - International Cyclist Union

U.C.I. - Union Cycliste Internationale


Union Européenne de Cycliste (U.E.C.)

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