Bicycle polo rules in the world

version française
version française

Bicycle polo is a team game that consists of hitting a ball in the other team's goal mouth according to the following rules, depending on the country or the tournament and the used ground: grass or hardcourt.

For bike polo played on grass

international 5 player rules (used in the European Cup)

international 4 player rules (used by the International Bicycle Polo Federation, the American Bicycle Polo Association and the Cycle Polo Federation of India)

French rules (used by the Fédération Française de Cyclisme for national competitions)

French rules dedicated to under 17 players in the Ile-de-France region (used by the Ile-de-France Committee of tht French Cycling Federation for regional competitions with under 17 year old players) (yellow parts are the parts which are different from the usual French rules)

(for history) British rules (used by the Bicycle Polo Association of Great Britain and the Bicycle Polo Association of Ireland for national competitions) (1938 edition)

For bike polo played on hardcourt

international forum on hardcourt rules (the League of Bike Polo)

2013 European Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship rules

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