2008 Chelsea Tournaments

Centenial of the 1908 London Olympic Games

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The Chelsea Pedallers organised two bike polo tournaments at the Hurlingham Park in London Friday 25 and Saturday 26 July 2008 for celebrating the centenial of the 1908 London Olympic Games, O.G. where cycle polo was the very first olympic sport of demonstration. 13 July 1908, on the opening day, Ireland beat Germany 3 - 1 in front of Edouard VII, King of England, at the Shepherd's Bush stadium.

Hundred years after, the E.S. Gervais-Lilas (France) and the Dublin Phoenix (Ireland) came across the seas for playing a 4 player tournament with two teams of the Chelsea Pedallers on Friday 25 July and for playing a 5 player tournament with the Chelsea Pedallers and the Oakenden Pedallers (both teams from United Kingdom) on Saturday 26 July.

E.S. Gervais-Lilas vs Chelsea "Eastern Europe"          Chelsea "England" vs Chelsea "Eastern Europe"

Evan Conon, Dublin 

Result of the matches of the bike polo 4 player tournament (Friday 25 July 2008)



Definitive rank of the 4 player tournament:

1) E.S. Gervais-Lilas (France, 3 wins)
2) Chelsea Pedallers "Eastern Europe" (United Kingdom, 1 win, - 3, victory vs Dublin)
3) Dublin Phoenix (Ireland, 1 win, - 3, defeat against Chelsea "Eastern Europe")
4) Chelsea Pedallers "England" (United Kingdom, 1 win, - 4)

Oakenden vs Chelsea          

Gervais-Lilas vs DublinResult of the bike polo 5 player tournament (Saturday 25 July 2008)


Definitive rank of the 5 player tournament:

1) E.S. Gervais-Lilas (France)
2) Dublin Phoenix (Ireland)
3) Oakenden Pedallers (United Kingdom)
4) Chelsea Pedallers (United Kingdom)

Gervais-Lilas vs Chelsea          Oakenden vs Dublin

On Saturday 26 July afternoon, 16 teams, essentielly beginners in bicycle polo, have celebrated this centenial by playing a tournament played under the 5 player rules and sponsored by Jack Wills and Corona. French players of the E.S. Gervais-Lilas choose to be divided into various teams.



Rank of the annual Chelsea Pedlars tournament:

 1) the Monty

2) Eurotalk

3) Jack Wills I

4) the Drinking Team with a Polo Problem

5) other teams (including the Oakenden Pedallers 1, the Oakenden Pedallers 2, Jack Will II, Corona Bike Polo, the Chelsea Pedallers, the Red Ties, two teams made with Australians living in England, etc.)

Press articles:

Le polo-vélo et les médiasLa France Cycliste n° 2244, September/October 2008 (p. 41)
Le polo-vélo et les médias
Pré'Voir n° 66, October/November 2008 (p. 23)

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