2015 Le Plessis-Bouchard Tournament

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The third Le Plessis-Bouchard Tournament has been very well organised 14 March 2015 on a pitch in Le Plessis-Bouchard, Oise Valley. 28 players coming from 5 various clubs made six teams: a mixed team made with a player from the E.C. Montgeron-Vigneux, Essonne, another form the E.S. Gervais-Lilas, Seine-St-Denis and three players from the Parisis A.C. 95, Oise Valley, a team from the Paris C.O., Paris, tow entire teams from the Parisis A.C. 95, Oise Valley and two teams made of 4 players each from the Pédales Varengevillaises, Seine Maritime.

In each tournament, a victory gave 3 points, a tie 2 points, a defeat 1 point and a forfeith 0 point.
If, after all matches, two teams had the same number of points, the decision between both teams would have followed the conditions below (in order of priority)




  Final rank of the 3th Le Plessis-Bouchard Tournament

1) Pédales Varengevillaises A (15 points)

2) Pédales Varengevillaises B (13 points)

3) Parisis A.C. 95 "A" (11 points)

4) Paris C.O. (9 points)

5) Parisis A.C. 95 "B" (6 points, -10)

6) mixed team E.C. Montgeron-Vigneux + E.S. Gervais-Lilas + Parisis A.C. 95 (6 points, -12)


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