2010 Villeneuve-St-Georges Tournament

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 1st: Team 94 Villeneuvoise

The 1st Villeneuve St-Georges tournament (incl. bike polo introduction to bike schools) was organised on 4 September 2010 in Villeneuve-Saint-Georges (Parisian area, France) on 4 September 2010 according to the international 5 player rules (but with only 4 players per team - i.e. without goalkeeper - since it is an introduction for children under 14) by the U.S. 97 Villeneuvoise with the help of the Entente Sportive Gervaisienne et  Lilasienne.

Four clubs were there: the U.S. Alfortville, the A.V. Thiais, the Team 94 Villeneuvoise and the E.S. Gervais-Lilas.

After a training session to use a mallet (first on foot with a ball but without bike, then with a bike without ball, finaly shots with mallet, ball and bike), four teams made of four players each mixing players from various clubs played matches of 2 X 5 minutes as:

2nd: Team 94 Villeneuvoise + A.V. ThiaisFirst matches:

Final matches:







3rd: A.V. Thiais + E.S. Gervais-Lilas

Villeneuve-St-Georges Tournament final rank:

1) Team 94 Villeneuvoise

2) Team 94 Villeneuvoise - A.V. Thiais

3) A.V. Thiais - E.S. Gervais-Lilas

4) U.S. Alfortville - Team 94 Villeneuvoise

4th: U.S. Alfortville + Team 94 Villeneuvoise

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